Thursday, 17 July 2014

B is for .......................Bananagrams

Do you have a favourite family game that you like to get together and play? 

Our current favourite is Bananagrams.  I bought it for OH a couple of Christmases ago, as we enjoyed playing Scrabble and this game seemed similar, but easier to take away with us on our travels.

If you've never played, it is played along similar lines to Scrabble, in that you have to make words with small tiles with letters printed on them, but unlike scrabble there is no scoring in this game.  It is a simple case of a race on the part of all the players, to individually use up all of the tiles.  Whoever manages to use every one of their tiles first, making legitimate words in a crossword type configuration, when there are no more tiles left in the pool, is the winner.   That's the way we tend to play it anyway, but there are a couple of different options in the instruction booklet.

We really enjoy playing this game, especially when we go on holiday, visit relatives and sometimes at home.  It's small enough to pop into your luggage and take with you and you don't even need a pen and paper to score the words.  We'll be taking it with us to Italy and no doubt will play during our holiday.  Little Bird quite likes it as it's easier for younger players in that they don't have to try to get the highest scores possible with their tiles, they just need to use them all up as quickly as possible to make words.  Here's a picture of our set. 

As you can see from the photograph, the whole game packs neatly into a little zippable banana pouch.  Ideal for travel.  It's looking a bit battered and grubby, but that's just a sign of our love for it.

Joining in with Mum at Mum's Simply Living in blogging using the alphabet backwards.

NOTE:   I have NOT been sponsored for this post and any opinions offered are my own.  This is just a game we own and enjoy playing, that might appeal to readers of this blog.


  1. I've never seen the game but it looks fun as I hate the scoring in Scrabble ! Husband always won when we played Scrabble with my mother as we love the words but he looked for high scores !

    1. You'd probably enjoy this game then Penny. Scrabble is good for improving Little Bird's arithmetic, but this is good for ease of play.