Friday, 18 July 2014

Last Minute Preparations

A bit of a double post today to make up for the next 10 days.  Thursday was a day spent completing last minute tasks from my list, that I hadn't yet got around to.  Mostly related to scheduled listings for my small business and sending off last minute orders. I managed to get it all done on OH's laptop, but I did have to spend ages poring through all the photos on my camera, so that I didn't upload lots of unnecessary ones onto his machine.  Talk about time consuming, there were two years worth on there!

As the dog was going to the dog sitter yesterday, I had my last pre-holiday walk with her, so I wanted to make it a good one, despite the heat.  It wasn't uneventful, especially when having let her off the lead, she headed straight for a man lying fast asleep in the middle of the park, and proceeded to sniff his crotch.  He didn't wake up fortunately, as I hate to think what he might have done waking up to find a dog sniffing his nether regions.

OH took our lovely mischievous doggie off to the sitter in the afternoon.  We all said our our goodbyes.  We hate leaving her behind when we go away.  Thankfully for us, she doesn't look back once she gets to the sitter's house, as she has doggy company there and she loves it.  It helps us to let go I guess.

That was when the real work started.  The remainder of the day and evening was spent doing a few last wash loads, ironing, bin emptying (collection day tomorrow), garden tidying and watering (later rendered unnecessary by a subsequent downpour overnight) and other last minute preparations before we disappear on holiday.  I decided to wash some of my hand made quilts, so that I could put them away until the autumn/winter.  I've been meaning to do it for a while now and the weather was perfect for it.  Unfortunately they were left out overnight and soaked through again so my first job this morning was spinning them to get the worst of the water out.  I'm relieved that they seem to have fared well enough in the wash though, just a slight bit of fading on one.  I'm going to do one last load of bedding and towels this morning and then I should have a virtually empty washing basket, until we get back that is.

I still have a couple of jobs left on my list to do today, the first one being a quick visit to the allotment before we go.  I no longer needed to water on account of the rain overnight, but I did need to check there were no courgettes to harvest or they'll be huge marrows by the time I get back.  On visiting the allotment there was very little needed doing. Hopefully there will be lots of lovely things ready to harvest when I get back instead of things gone over.  The final thing I need to do will be Little Bird's leaving assembly in the afternoon and soon after that we'll be setting off.  I don't think  I'll be blogging during our holiday, as it is good to take a break and get a proper rest.  I will, however, probably still be reading and commenting from time to time.  Have a good week.


  1. I love the preparation for a holiday - like you I make lists too - so much easier when the time comes around. I left some washing out last night too - fortunately it didn't rain.......but it is now! Have a good time. Dx

  2. Enjoy your time away and have a safe journey.
    Love from Mum

  3. Oh that was funny ! Have a fabulous holiday x