Tuesday, 8 July 2014

A Good Hair Day for a Change

Today, I spent most of the day at our local Shopping Mall, in an attempt at getting my twice yearly hair cut and colour.  It was long overdue and looking dreadful.  I couldn't put it off a moment longer, especially with a special day out planned for later in the week and our annual holiday only two weeks away. 

I tried to get there as early as possible, as the salon I go to has a no booking policy.  You have to just turn up and wait.  Unfortunately, though, Little Bird wasn't very well today and was off school, so I couldn't go as early as I'd have liked.  OH, who works from home, was able to look after her, but I did still feel a little guilty pampering myself while she was ill at home. 

I stopped in at Waitrose and claimed my free cup of tea which I drank whilst I was waiting to be attended to.  I also took a book with me, to keep me occupied during the long process of having the foils put in and taken out.  Once it was done it felt so good to tick the job off my to do list and I was very happy with the results.  I came out feeling like a normal person again.  I really shouldn't leave it so long, but I always do.

I hadn't been to the mall for a couple of months, so once I'd finished at the hairdressers, I had intended to have a little mooch around the shops.  I needed to get a couple of things, one being a new clock for our kitchen wall.   I'd seen a couple of nice ones on John Lewis's website and wanted to see them in the flesh, so to speak, and see which one I liked best.  However, due to the fact that I had a long wait in the hairdressers and Little Bird being unwell, I just bought some sushi for lunch and a treat for her from the Japanese store on my way out, then headed home on the bus.  I'm taking Little Bird there on Thursday as a treat, all being well, as she has a day off school due to a teachers' strike, so I can do my shopping then.

With our holiday only a couple of weeks away, I also need to do a bit of holiday toiletry shopping, so a visit to Boots will also be on the agenda.  I don't need too much, just a blemish stick, some sun cream, a travel soap holder, some toothpaste and new toothbrushes.  Not the cheapest place to buy these things, I realise, but at least I get some advantage points on my card.  After spending a year on the beauty challenge, it is good to be able to buy a few things and not think about a budget and whether or not I am breaking it.

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