Thursday, 1 August 2013

Packing For A Holiday

I don't know about anyone else, but I quite enjoy packing for holidays.  I usually start about a week or two before we go by putting aside any clean items from my wardrobe that I wish to take, to prevent me from wearing them and having to rewash them at the last minute.  As the time grows closer I start to fill a suitcase to make sure that everything fits in and invariably I pack and unpack several times in the days preceding departure to make sure I've whittled it down to essentials only.

This year we are heading to the US and will be spending most of the holiday travelling around in a large camper van.  I believe it has plenty of storage in the back so am taking a full sized suitcase which will be put in the storage hold and dirty washing decamped to it as we go along.  If I get the chance to do some laundry and dry it then I probably will but if not it will all come home dirty.

What to take.   The big question. Well, as previously mentioned we are travelling around in a camper van and will be visiting desert and coast, so I'm trying to stick to quite lightweight clothes, but with a sweater or cardigan added in case of cool evenings or days.  Vests, t-shirts, shorts, skirts, along with the odd dress and print trousers for the odd night when me might stay in a hotel or eat out on an evening. 

I am definitely taking a pair of harem pants, sports vest and trainers with a view to catching the odd Zumba class if there are any on offer on our travels too.  I will really miss my regular exercise classes and any exercise I get will be a bonus.  To cut down on weight in my suitcase I will probably wear my trainers on the flight.  They are good for walking too and I'm sure we'll be doing plenty of that whilst away.

Other shoes I'll be taking will be my Joules flip flops which I haven't actually worn yet this summer, as they will be great for the beach, around the pool,  everyday wear and as slippers in the camper van.  I will also probably take a pair or two of sandals and a pair of converse trainers and I think that will be it.

I began my packing in earnest yesterday.  I emptied my wardrobe and drawers of everything I want to take away with me and then  packed them in the suitcase.  Not much room left after that.  I then tackled the mountain of ironing in which there are a few more items I'd like to take.  I also sorted the washing and put some more on so that I can be sure I have all I want washed and ready to pack.

I'm thinking of indulging in a new beach towel as I think we have had our current ones a good ten years and they are looking a little worn to say the least.  Do you enjoy packing for holidays?

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