Monday, 5 August 2013

100 Things in 10 Days Challenge

The other week I decided to join in with another challenge after hearing about it through Sue at A New Life in the Country.  It's a challenge posed by MortgageFreeinThree blog and the aim is to either throw out 100 bits of rubbish lying about the house in 10 days for a Bronze medal, get rid of 100 items of 'stuff' from your house in 10 days for a Silver Medal or alternatively get rid of 100 carrier bags of stuff from your house for the Gold Medal.  I think the gold is perhaps a little bit too challenging for me as I am a bit of a hoarder, so I aimed for the Silver and Bronze. 

I did an audio visual de-clutter a couple of weeks ago and put aside lots of DVD's, CD's and books to take to the charity shop.  Since then they have of course just sat on my spare sofa and gone absolutely nowhere.  I need this challenge to make me take them out of the house and to the charity shop.
After hearing about this challenge, I made a start and counted what was in the pile.  There were 48 items made up of books, games, and a few other bits.  In addition, there were 66 DVD's and CD's. So, 114 items in total, all to go to the charity shop.  I'm wasn't entirely sure, however, if the charity shop still accepted  DVD's and CD's as some have been inundated in recent years.  Yesterday, however, just in time to complete this task in the 10 days allowed I headed to the charity shop I usually donate to and thankfully they were happy to receive CD's and DVDs and in addition also accept videos too.  I will be returning shortly with the 19 video and cassette tapes that I am also throwing out.

As well as attempting the Silver Medal winning part of the challenge, I decided to try to complete the bronze medal part too so was on the hunt for rubbish lurking in drawers, on shelves, under beds, etc.  To meet the target a few days ago I decided to head up to Little Bird's bedroom, it's always a good bet.  One corner of it needed desperately de-cluttering and I had bought a couple of co-ordinating plastic storage boxes a few weeks ago to put her 'stuff' in, but hadn't yet got around to having a sort out.  Little Bird decided to help me and for a couple of hours the two of us went sifting through her bedroom disposing of lots of used cotton pads from her makeup sessions, lots of half done drawings and doodles, which she had abandoned because they weren't quite perfect, lots of dried out felt tipped pens and odd pen tops, etc. etc.  

As it was the day before our rubbish gets taken and I was doing this particular challenge I did actually count exactly how many items we put in her waste bin and it came to 95.  In addition to this, 5 or 6 items were put in the recycling bin which also went out to be collected the following day.  Two or three small items also got put in the charity shop box.  The room looked so much better once we'd finished, so I hopefully achieved my bronze medal in this challenge too and a much needed task got ticked off the to do list whilst at the same time making packing for our holiday much easier as we can now find everything we need.  Result. 

Thank you MortgageFreeinThree for this inspiring challenge.


  1. Great challenge. We sell a lot of DVD's & CD's at the charity shop.

    1. I was really pleased when they accepted them as it seemed a real pity to throw them out which was the alternative.