Saturday, 3 August 2013

It's That Time of Year Again

Yes, it's that time of year again when I can't ignore the birds nest with dark roots that is my hair and have to get it cut and coloured again.  Little Bird had her hair cut the other day and now it was my turn.  I didn't, however, inflict a four hour wait on her and headed off on my own to Supercuts once again in the  hope that the same lovely lady could do it that did it last time, back in January/February.

It's pretty expensive getting one's hair cut and coloured and I managed to halve the cost by going to Supercuts.  You can't book there though and have to wait until a stylist is free, which is the only drawback, but the service I received last time was good and I liked the result so am happy to go back.  As we're going on our US holiday road trip soon, I wanted to look presentable before we go.

So, off I went first thing Friday morning.  As luck would have it I didn't have too long a wait for the stylist I wanted and she then set about putting all the foils in.  As I was having only a half head done it took a lot less time than my usual full head and I passed the time reading this book which I got from the library the other day.  It is Dave Gorman's America Unchained - A Freewheeling Roadtrip in Search of Non-Corporate USA.

It's a book about the author's (an Englishman's) coast to coast trip of the US, setting off from Los Angeles and heading to New York, in a Classic American 1970's Ford estate car/stationwagon, with a cameraperson to record the trip for a film, by way of funding it.  The premise of the trip is to find and patronise non-corporate America, an America, if it still exists, where independent motels, stores and gas stations prevail and there is no need to give any money to The Man (or big business) and it's bland motel rooms, duplicate fast food outlets and stores and big Oil Company owned gas stations.

I am so enjoying this book.  I remember reading Bill Bryson's 'Notes from a Big Country' on our last road trip in the US over 10 years ago and it made me chuckle as I recognised some of the things he was talking about.   Being written by an Englishman, this book is very different, but nevertheless very entertaining and documents the highs and lows of the trip which took place some 6 or 7 years ago.  Most of the chapters are pretty short too, which makes it very easy to pick up and put down and there are photo's too, which help bring the trip to life.  I'm hoping it will prepare us a little for our road trip, if this is possible.

Anyway, after 3 hours in the hair salon I'm now two thirds through it and hoping to finish it before we go, as it is due back at the library before we come back.   The hair cut and colour by the way was great, and I left the salon feeling very happy, with another item having been ticked off my holiday/weekly to do list whilst having chuckled my way through quite a few chapters of the book.

Please note that this post is not sponsored. I am just giving my honest opinion of a book/product/service that I have read/experienced and found to be positive/enjoyable and a review of which might be useful to others.


  1. A good chance to catch up on some reading. Hope you are pleased with your hair. I need a haircut !

    1. I always prefer it with a couple of week's growth on it, but am very happy with it. With reading so much in the salon I have now managed to finish the book which was a great read and am looking forward to our holiday.