Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Getting Ready for the Holiday

Well, tomorrow we go away for a couple of weeks on our main annual holiday and although I've been working towards it slowly over the last week or so packing my suitcase and washing and ironing clothes in readiness, the pressure was now on get organised and be ready to go.

First job of the day was to cancel the milk for the next few weeks, followed by hanging out the last bit of washing for the holiday.  Next I needed to get up to scratch with work for my business before heading off on a last long walk with the puppy, as she is going to her trainer today to stay for the duration.  She has no idea.  I think she will enjoy it though as there is another dog there to keep her company.

Once back from the walk it was lunchtime and then after lunch I pottered about getting the dog's stuff together and tidying around.  As the time for her to go approached I made sure to give her a big cuddle.  I couldn't face going with her to the trainer as I would have found it hard to leave her, so I let OH do the dirty deed.  In the end she was really happy and the dog sitter sent us a photo soon after, once she'd settled in which was very thoughtful.

As soon as the dog had gone I set to cleaning through the house;  sweeping, hoovering and mopping floors.  With the dog gone it made the job much easier and the house was in desperate need of some attention.  I broke off for a while to take some library books back and get some currency from the Post Office and then came back and got straight back on with it.

Once the downstairs was finished it was a quick hoover upstairs and a quick clean of the bathroom.  There is nothing worse than coming home from holiday to a dirty house that just begs you to start cleaning it the minute you get in.  I even did a few little jobs that I haven't done in a while like clean out the washing machine detergent drawer, the oven and fridge. OH helped by checking us in online, cutting and seeding the grass and then completed some last minute home security jobs around the house.   Finally the plants were watered, the bins were emptied and the rubbish put out and I could sit down and watch Kirsty's Fill Your Home for Free as a reward before having a shower and falling into bed.

With all the jobs done I could finally start to relax and look forward to our holiday.

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