Tuesday, 29 January 2013

The Longest Month

Well, January is receding rapidly and I can't quite believe that the month is coming to an end so soon.  On the one hand it seems to have passed in a flash and on the other, in financial terms, it has seemed like the longest month ever.  In the final week of the month I have completely spent up and will need to eke out this week without spending any money.  

I did a final bit of food shopping today with the bit of money I had left, which along with what we have in the cupboards and the meat in the freezer, means that we will eat well enough.  I guess it's just the thought of having no money that is a little depressing.   I'm sure I'm not alone in feeling this way at this time of the month.  I guess I just need to alter the way I view my situation and look upon it as a positive challenge to enjoy the rest of the week inspite of it.

On the plus side, I have been quite frugal this month and have managed to pay quite large sums off my credit cards, whilst minimising spending on them.  I'm looking forward to February as I will hopefully be able to make further inroads into paying them off and be a little closer to becoming free from debt.

In addition, my no spend days have totalled 8 so far this year, which is almost a fifth of the goal I set myself of 50 for the year.  I should hopefully squeeze a few more in this week too before the month ends.  So perhaps I shouldn't feel too bad and focus instead on the positive steps I've made this month towards achieving my goals.

How has your January been?  Have you managed to make progress towards your goals this month?

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