Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Getting To Grips with the House

Well, due to feeling a bit broke this week, and therefore being unable to go out and about to my usual haunts, I decided to turn my attention inwards towards my much neglected home, which was in desperate need of a bit of a clean.  I don't clean religiously every week, but tend to do it when people come to visit/stay or when the level of cleanliness starts to bother me.  Having a new puppy, I do need to mop the floors using a disinfectant a bit more regularly, but I am not too precious about the house being spotless at all times.  I tidy around on a daily basis, picking up and relocating things constantly, but I do like to give the place a good overhaul from time to time.

On this particular occasion, I decided to start with the living room, probably because it is furthest from where the puppy was laid sleeping in the kitchen (I took her for a longish walk in the morning to tire her out in readiness).  This room, being directly above our basement extension, is still collecting dust from the building work so I gave it a good dust, hoover and mop. (We have wooden floors, which is very useful, especially with a puppy!)  I was quite ashamed at how long it had been since I had moved the large sofa and cleaned underneath it.  Anyway, I removed the sofa covers too, as they needed a wash, which I will do as soon as I've got space to dry them.

From there, I gave the hall and stairs down to the kitchen a good hoover and mop too and then cleaned the downstairs cloakroom, wiped down my kitchen cupboard doors and worktops, bleached my sinks and mopped the kitchen floor, hung out some washing, put some more in the machine and finally finished by taking on the contents of the ironing basket.   I didn't get it all done but there's always tomorrow.  I try to wait until my partner takes the puppy out for a walk as she trys to bite the steam hose of my iron, which is not good. 

With all of the above done I feel a lot better, less distracted by the grime and clutter, and better still, it cost nothing but my time and the cleaning products, and I probably worked off a few calories in the process.  There's something very satisfying and therapeutic about getting your house in order.  Upstairs, however, can wait for another day.

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