Sunday, 20 January 2013

Slow Down Sunday

Well, this week has been a little frantic towards the end after a slow start due to being unwell.  In the latter part of the week we've managed to virtually finish renovating the new bedroom for our daughter in time for her birthday party and it seems to have been well received by her and her friends alike.  It didn't cost a whole lot of money, approximately £50 on paint and a few soft furnishings.  I do still need to buy some new co-ordinating blinds at a cost of £25 approximately, make a laundry basket using some fabric and a frame I already have, and sort through more of her belongings and sift out what she no longer wants to hold onto and send the rest to the charity shop, so as a consequence there may be a few more storage solutions to be found in the next few weeks, but for now it feels like the job is just about done.

Our next big DIY project is to renovate what was our daughter's bedroom and turn it into our spare room/my work room.  I'm really looking forward to this as it is me that will benefit most from this renovation.  I know that sounds selfish, but after six months of having builders working on our house to create a basement office for my partner to work from, followed by the bedroom renovation for my daughter, I am looking forward to having a little space I can use just for myself, before some guests arrive in mid February.  Once again, it is not a huge job, just a case of refreshing wall and woodwork paintwork and reconfiguring what we already have, so I'm hoping it will not cost too much in financial terms, although it may take us a while to do it. In all probability our guests will be the first to use the room in it's new incarnation, which is fine, but after that it will hopefully be a space for me to get on with projects I've been meaning to do for an age now.  I will post before and after pictures on later posts.

After all the mayhem of finishing this project in time, today, I have had a lovely Slow Down Sunday where the madness has slowed down to a manageable level and I have been able to sit back and relax a little and enjoy not having to go anywhere or do anything unless I wanted to.  We have spent a lovely afternoon in front of an open fire watching Mary Poppins.  I have all but finished the rag rug which I will post a picture of tomorrow along with a reveal of the newly renovated bedroom.  I've done my weekly shop, so if the snow outside persists we should be okay for a good few days and I'm cooking lamb chops for dinner.  A nice relaxing end to a challenging week.

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