Thursday, 24 January 2013

A Free To Do As I Please Day

In celebration of having finally submitted my tax return yesterday, I am declaring today a Free To Do As You Please Day.  Having said that, I'm not totally free to do as I please, as there are a few errands I need to make for the dog/child/business, but for the first time this year I feel that I can spend a day more or less doing things that please me, which is a treat indeed.   In reality, I will probably do some work, housework, shopping for essentials, etc. but the difference is that it will be my choice and not because I have some looming deadline.  Bliss.

On account of being virtually couped up in the house for one reason or another for two weeks now,  I decided to treat myself to a trip to a local market.  This particular market is a proper East End market with lots of stalls selling all manner of things set out along the high street.  I go there quite regularly as there are a myriad of fabric shops down the street that I like to mooch around and I am often tempted to spend more than I intended to.  In addition, there's a Sainsbury's and a Wilko's which is always good for household items or toiletries.

On this particular visit I was quite careful to try to stick to only buying things that we need.  I did however treat myself to two items of clothing from my favourite second hand clothes stall.  They were in fact new, as they still had tags attached.  One was a navy/white striped t-shirt from M&S which will be great for wearing in the spring with a pretty scarf and the other was a spotted grey wool mix Topshop skirt which I can wear for the remainder of the winter.  The two together cost £5 so I was happy to count this as my promised treat for £5. (See yesterday's post) I did also treat myself to this book for  £1 which sounded like a good light read.

Most of the remaining items I bought were things for the dog, food, household and toiletry items we needed, but I couldn't resist buying these two t-shirts for £5 for my daughter from Saisnbury's.  They were such good value, will be great for when the weather warms up and were such pretty prints.

I did however succeed in  avoiding my usual fabric shop haunts, mainly because I only get two hours free parking, but also because I have so much fabric that I still need to use before I buy anymore.  I finished off the trip with one last small treat.  Sushi for lunch.  It was delicious and more so because I don't eat it that often.  I enjoyed this jaunt although it was of the shopping variety - a girl's got to do what a girl's got to do, sometimes!

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