Friday, 25 January 2013

Reader's Corner

Well, this photo shows the pile of books by my bedside, from which I need to choose my next read.  It's a bit of a mixed bunch, most are quite old titles that I have picked up in charity shops, library sales or car boot sales, but all are either by authors I enjoy or seemed an interesting read from the details on the book jacket.

After the busyness of the last few weeks I'm in the mood for something funny and a little frivolous for my next read.  Not sure there's much there, but I'm sure something will hit the spot.   Which one would you choose?  Probably none I realise, but isn't that just the wonderful thing about books.  We all like different things and there's something for everyone out there.

On the subject of books, when we tried and failed to visit an exhibition at the Royal Academy in Piccadilly the year before last, we stumbled across the book store Hatchards.  If you've never heard of them check them out on line.  It's a lovely old book shop and sells signed copies of books which make great presents for birthdays and Christmas.  I don't know why, but I was amazed and delighted that you didn't have to pay extra for a signed copy, which really endeared them to me.  I think it was reassuring to find that not everyone in this world wants to make more money out of you than necessary.

Anyway, as it was just before Christmas, I asked my partner if he would kindly buy me a lovely signed copy of a Celia Birtwell Textiles book (pictured below), which he duly did, whilst I bought a signed Rob Ryan book for a friend.  She was really pleased with it and the signature made it extra special. 

You can buy their signed copies on line and there is a list of current signed titles available on their website.   You do have to pay for postage or can choose to collect from the store if you travel into London on occasions.   I always have a look on there before I buy a book for someone, in case the one I'm buying is on their signed titles list.  One day they may be very collectable.  You just never know.

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