Thursday, 22 September 2016

More Drama

I don't know what it is about me, but I seem to keep becoming involved in various unfolding dramas at the moment. I try to keep life simple, but it has a funny way of dragging you into things, when you least expect it.

One that I can speak about, is what happened today at the allotment. I went on to the site to do a bit of harvesting, as I hadn't made it there for a couple of weeks.

The minute I set foot on the site, a rather large dog (possibly a young Akita or Husky) bounded over to me.

At first, I thought it belonged to someone working on their plot on the site, but very soon I realised that there was no one else there but me, and the dog.

I think it might have got access via a garden wall at the top end of the site, but it was running around scratching at the fence at various points to try to get out and the garden wall in question was too high to climb back up over.

I didn't know what to do and when I got my phone out to try to ring someone, the battery was dead.

Being a dog owner myself, I didn't want to just let the dog out, in case it got lost or run over by a car, but I was nervous about leaving it there, in case it surprised or even attacked anyone, especially when it started barking at me and seemed to be getting a bit agitated at not being able to get out.

I left the site hurriedly, and came home to contact various site reps and see what should be done about it. In the end I managed to ring one of the reps (after calling directory enquiries to get their number) and he asked me to ring the dog warden.

I met the warden at the site and thankfully, the dog had taken the situation into it's own hands and dug its way out under the fence. Hopefully, it got home safely! Drama over, thank goodness.

Anyway, whilst speaking to the site rep on the phone, he mentioned that a smaller plot might be coming up on the site that I enquired after down the road from me and took my number to liaise with me in the future about it. At least something potentially progressive came out of all the drama.  I'm looking forward to hearing from him again.

The sooner the better, as the quicker I get moved to another site the better, if you ask me. I'm sure every site has it's dramas from time to time, but I just don't want to be embroiled in any more of them in the near future.


  1. I find lost dogs all the time - have even brought them home. Luckily they were al reunited with owners x

  2. Hope the dog found it's way home.

    I do think I might have been a bit frightened is a rather large dog came bounding out at me.

    Hope you can manage to get the smaller sized allotment and how great is it that the plot is closer to you.

    God bless.

    1. It will be really good if I can get one, as it will be so much easier to get there and to maintain. Apparently a guy from the site is taking a plot on our site (not mine) and his is becoming available. I'm just waiting for confirmation and to view the plot, although I'll probably take it whatever it is like. Even if I only get a few crops or fruit plants on it, it will be worth it.

      I will be sad to leave the other site and plot, but sometimes you've just got to move on, for everyone's benefit.

  3. Awww, I hope the dog got home safe and sound. Dan is forever rounding up dogs and returning them to their owner, it's stressful!

    Fingers crossed the plot works out for you.

  4. Fingers crossed you get the closer site with smaller plot. Hope no dogs there!