Thursday, 8 November 2018

An Annoying Start to the Week

After spending Monday and Tuesday of this week at work, it was lovely to get home on Tuesday night and know that I had two days off to spend at home. The week didn't start well, with a bit of an incident on Monday morning.

Basically, there was a stand off between a grocery delivery van (I won't name the company here) and another motorist on the street outside our house.  It lasted from when I took the dog out at 7.50am until I got back at 8.30am.  Both vehicles were refusing to reverse out of each other's way and instead sat there for 40 minutes blocking the road and blocking in our car.  I was really disgusted.  I tried asking both parties to move, but neither would yield to the other.  In the end I threatened to call the police.

Anyway, OH came to the rescue and calmly asked the motorist to reverse (I wasn't so calm), so he could get our car out to go to an appointment and to her credit she did, but the grocery van was completely unhelpful.  Needless to say, I made a strong complaint to the company concerned.  The driver claimed they were not allowed to reverse due to safety concerns, but I suspect that it was more a case of him not being able to, which makes me wonder whether he should have been employed as a van driver in the first place.

It didn't get my week off to a great start and was quite stressful. I've never seen anything so ridiculous in my entire life, especially from a well known company.  Since when was it written into the highway code that motorists have to yield to grocery delivery vans, they are not public service vehicles, nor emergency service vehicles.  They were completely deluded.

Anyway, the remainder of my two days at work weren't too bad, save for another shoplifting incident. I did feel a bit overwhelmed on Tuesday, as we received so many donations.  I know it's a good problem to have, but when you're responsible for processing them and are already overstretched, it can seem so onerous. I'm sure we'll get on top of everything though, eventually.

On a more positive note, our shop has been allocated another part time temporary Deputy Manager's post for 7 weeks to cover the busy Christmas period, which is a big plus and very unexpected, so we were happy to hear that news.  They just have to be recruited now.

For my first day off yesterday, it was the usual catch up.  I did a top up grocery shop and took an item back to TKMAXX that I'd bought, but that wasn't suitable.  I managed to throw a few more Christmas presents into the trolley, which was good.

Today, I'm staying closer to home, doing laundry etc. It's almost enjoyable to stay home, potter and do housework after being out at work. I quite enjoy the contrast and staying home on my days off, stops me spending lots of money unnecessarily.


  1. I love being able to have a calmer wake up period in the morning now I am not dashing out to work and the pottering is part of it.
    The roads and road users are getting worse - such bad driving everywhere and bad tempers and the places people choose to park becomming an accident waiting to happen. It feels like the Highway Code is no longer in use as there is no evidence out there that anyone has read it!
    Good news about the extra help - I think the whole country is on a declutter - maybe the charities should invest in a large 'holding' warehouse somewhere in one of the empty properties that are around and goods be pre-sorted and then delivered to the shop ready to put out like they are in normal shops you could then get on with the task of pricing, displaying and selling. There are so many empty shops on the high street they would make great sorting places to take the strain off the little stockrooms in charity shops.

    1. I know the type of thing you are suggesting. At the charity shop where my daughter volunteered, stock would be delivered to the shop pre-priced and just had to be put out in the shop. I don't quite know if I would like that, as I do like to have some control over what stock we keep to put in the shop or sell online and what we send on to other shops or for recycling. I'm not sure I'd enjoy it as much if all of this was done somewhere else.

  2. What a horrible start to the day. Glad you have more help, I am covering four days at the mo due to a deputy manager leaving and our manage being in a car accident ! I will be glad to do less but can't see it happening too soon x

    1. Oh no, it's all happening at your shop isn't it. I hope it won't be too long before things get back to normal, although it tends to take a while to recruit, as I know to my cost. I hope your Manager wasn't badly injured.

  3. Sorry that your week got off to such a bad start. I hope it ends much better.

    God bless.

  4. Jackie, I'm sorry, this is all pretty insignificant in the scheme of things, I do realise. I hope you are okay and coping well in the circumstances. I'm thinking about you.