Friday, 4 August 2017

Still Housesitting

We're still housesitting here in Yorkshire and on Wednesday I finally out to a local fitness class. It was a class that I haven't tried before called Fitsteps, a kind of ballroom fitness class.  It made an interesting change to what I normally do, but many of the steps were similar to those you do at Zumba classes, so it wasn't too difficult to pick up the routines.

I combined this with a quick trip into a local town to check my bank balance and do a couple of errands.  I was pleased to see that I have in fact been paid for the month of work that I've just completed at the CS, which is good news.  Hopefully, it will help me pay my overdraft off a little quicker.

Later on we headed out for supper to a local restaurant, which was enjoyable and I got to have a night off cooking on a very unfamiliar to me Aga. When we got back we watched a movie online before retiring for the night.

Thursday morning, I got up early and took a turn at walking the dogs around the fields. It was quite nice to be up and out for a change, instead of lying in bed reading. (I still did a bit of this). After yet more very changeable weather, including some torrential rain showers, we took our dog out to the beach at Barmston, near Bridlington in the afternoon which was very enjoyable to be able to breathe in some fresh coastal air as we walked along the sands. It's a lovely spot and the wind turbines there look very majestic and graceful as they turn.  The dog loved it too, as she doesn't get to go to the beach too often these days.

Today, we head to the North Yorkshire market town of Helmsley for their weekly market and possibly lunch out. I may try to take some photos whilst there for another post.


  1. Yorkshire curd tarts are a must from the market/ bakers in Helmsley. Catriona

  2. Hope you enjoy your house sitting experience. I wouldn't know how to cook on an Aga !