Thursday, 3 August 2017

A Family Visit and a Trip into Town

Tuesday, during our week of house sitting, turned out to be a bit of an errand day. The day started in a leisurely fashion.  I had a bit of a lie in reading a new book.  This current read is an autobiography/memoir by Fay Weldon. I devoured her novels in my early twenties and read many of them.  This book 'Auto Da Fay' is very entertaining so far. Her family background is a very interesting one.

Anyway, after a leisurely breakfast and the completion of a few tasks, we eventually headed out for the afternoon.  We stopped in at OH's parents house for a couple of hours of chatting and catching up with news.

Unfortunately, I found out that a family friend of my family had died recently and the funeral had been that morning.  I contacted the deceased's sister and offered my condolences, which was all I could do at that late stage of finding out and promised to put a card in the post.

In addition, I found out from my sister, that her daughter, whose 21st birthday party is on Saturday had had a rough morning, having woken up with a trapped nerve in her neck, rendering her unable to move.  After some pain relief, she was feeling a bit better, so hopefully she'll be fully recovered by the weekend and her party will go ahead as planned.

The errands that I needed to do on this day, were to purchase her birthday present and to ensure that LB had something suitable to wear for the party, which meant a trip into town in Hull. I decided to compromise on LB's clothes and to buy her a school skirt that could double as part of her party outfit. I bought her a couple of different tops in the sale at H&M to go with it and she was sorted taking me just £10 over the budget, which seemed reasonable enough. I still need to purchase another school skirt for her when we get back to London, but I can probably leave it until September, as I'm most of the way to completing the purchase of her uniform now and she's got at least one of all the items she needs to return to school.

Once the shopping errands were completed, we headed the 30 miles or so back to the house and the animals. There are so many different jobs to do in looking after them, that it is quite tying and disappearing for a whole day is quite difficult. It makes a big change from our normal everyday lifestyle in London though, which is good and the country air and quiet surroundings means that I sleep well and wake up feeling very refreshed and rested, which is just what I need at the moment.

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