Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Donated - July 2017

This month got off to a slow start, mainly due to starting my new job and being focussed on that, but I have managed to build up a bit of momentum towards the end of the month, as I got more settled in at work.  It wasn't, however, that great in terms of number of items donated or parts of my life simplified. Here's a list of the items donated this month.

1. One decorative ink blotter - never used, nor likely to be.
2. One home made wool fabric wreath.
3-4. Two wine glasses - These were placed on our gate post by the people who live next door.  However, OH wasn't happy to leave them there in case someone smashed them on the path or pavement outside our house, which could lead to our dog getting injured, so I brought them in and put them in the Give or Take box.
5-12. Eight books culled from LB's bookshelves.
13-24. Twelve books culled from my crafting bookshelf in the spare bedroom - I've decided to streamline my collection, as I do less and less sewing and crafting these days.  There's still a good selection left though, for when I need them.
25. One bottle of essential oil that I'm not too keen on the smell of.
26. One long sleeved school shirt that LB refuses to wear, as she gets too hot in it.
27. One fabric holdall of LB's recycled for rags.

Not such a good month in terms of simplifying and decluttering and when added to last month's total, my total so far this year now stands at 575, which is actually only 6 behind target, so it's  not too bad, despite the number being low this month.  I am, however, finding it harder and harder to find things to donate or recycle, which is a good thing, but I'm not sure if I will reach the target this year unless I make a concerted effort at some point to let go of more stuff.

Next month, I still need to declutter the sewing room/spare bedroom if I get the chance and it maybe time to tackle the cupboard in the hallway again and see if I can part with more of the things in there. My clothes may get another cull too, as there are still some items that I just never wear and some that are past their best, that I could recycle or repurpose. It will all depend on how much time I can muster to tackle these areas.

In terms of simplifying, I was relieved to get the freezer defrosted this month, as it is a job that has needed doing for months now. I'm determined not to put things in there that we will not use in future and keep it's contents simple and ones that get used up regularly. At least when we return to London, this job won't be one I will need to do as part of my Zone 2 cleaning.

I'll keep you posted about progress in next month's post.


  1. Just cleared the kitchen in preparation for decorating. It's surprising how much clutter I had. The CS will have a field day or I may even do a car boot.

    1. Well done. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished result.

  2. I had a little smile to think that you are decluttering your next door neighbours items as well as your own! I think you are doing brilliantly especially to log everything - I tried doing it the other way round one year on my blog and tried photographing everything coming in but as I got busier I failed to take the photo!

    1. Yes, just trying to avert a potential danger. They probably think we're using them, but at least they will get a new home eventually.

  3. Good job on getting the freezer defrosted. I am just hopeful of getting mine cleaned out a bit.

    I found this month to be a hard one for decluttering. Not much left the house.

    God bless.

    1. Me too. I guess I should be pleased, but there's still far too much stuff in the house, but I'm just not ready to let go of much of it.