Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Settling In

We're currently in Yorkshire and settling into our home for the week.  The family members, for whom we are house and animal sitting, have departed for a week's holiday in the Ballaerics and we now have their huge house and garden to ourselves. It's very quiet and private here, so it's wonderfully peaceful and restful. I'm looking forward to doing lots of reading and dog walking, of course.

Talking about dogs, our dog has also come along, and is enjoying the freedom here, compared to life in London and is making herself very at home. Needless to say, none of the chickens dare come into the garden with her around, as she has been known to chase them, having not been brought up with them and trained to live in harmony with them.

We spent our first day housesitting just rattling around the house. In the morning, we headed into a nearby market town to stock up on food for the week and do a few other errands. In the afternoon, we just took it easy, settling into to our new accommodation.

OH and LB are getting used to the routine of feeding and caring for the animals here, namely two ponies, two dogs, chickens, fish in the pond and one cat. I'm responsible for the house and food, although I will probably help with the animals.

I don't like to post any photos of the house on the internet, as it's not our house, but here are a few shots of the garden and some of the animals.

(We're not looking after the sheep, this field is loaned out to a local livestock owner)

The weather here is incredibly changeable, with sunshine one minute, heavy rain the next, then sunshine again. It's not prevented us from doing anything thus far and we're enjoying the peace and quiet and the change of scenery.  Who wouldn't?


  1. Welcome to Yorkshire - what a treat to try out someone else's lifestyle -it is like one of those TV programs!
    You are right about the weather - this is why it took me so long on Sunday morning to gather together suitable clothing for sun, wind, rain and hail! Have a wonderful week - I had forgotten normal people would still be connected - when we go up to Scotland we have no internet!

  2. How lovely!! Enjoy your housesitting.

    God bless.