Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Holiday Observations and Expenditure

Since our return from holiday, it's been a case of catching up -  unpacking, washing, food shopping, blogging, exercise, etc. etc. etc.  I'm getting there slowly, but it did take until the end of the week to get fully back into the swing of things.

Although I tried very hard whilst we were on holiday, not to put on weight, eating salads most days and not indulging in too many treats, when I jumped on the scales on our return, a few extra pounds had been acquired.   I'm now on a mission to banish them.  I'm not doing anything special to do so, just hoping that getting back to my usual activity levels, exercise and eating regimes will do the job.

Talking of appearances, one thing I noticed on our travels in Italy, was that many Italian women are incredibly glamorous.  I had a vague recollection before we went, from a previous visit we'd made, but very soon after arriving in the country, this was brought home to me as I sat watching people come and go in the airport, whilst OH was organising the hire car.  It was quite inspirational in many ways, but I don't think that I personally am capable of anywhere near this level of glamour and I'm not even sure that I even wish to be.  (Well, maybe secretly or I wouldn't even be discussing it!)  It was, nevertheless, interesting to observe in others (both male and female, might I add).

It was also incredibly interesting to observe Italian women on the beach.  Bikini's were definitely de rigour, largely regardless of age or size.  I admired their approach enormously, having not worn a bikini for a few years now,  I think sometimes that I'd like to get back into one at some point in the future, but am not quite sure I will ever have the confidence.  Italian women, on the other hand, seemed incredibly comfortable in their own skin, which was very refreshing.  I may, of course, have completely misread the signs in this regard, but that was how it seemed to me at the time.

Another interesting observation of beach life were the beach sellers, who walked the beaches all day in the hot sun.  They were very polite, not too persistant, and carried a myriad of small and large items that could be purchased, ranging from kitchen knives, handbags, bikinis and beachwear, jewellery, sunglasses, hair accessories, toys, etc. etc.   Even on the beach you could be tempted to part with your money, although I wasn't, save for buying a beach ball for OH and Little Bird. 

In fact, I didn't really spend too much money whilst we were in Italy, on buying anything other than food or what I would class as essentials.  I did treat myself to a few new nail varnishes in autumnal shades for next season,

a monochrome snood type scarf, which I'm looking forward to wearing when the weather turns cooler,

and a couple of pairs of large ball stud earrings.  I liked the size of these and the fact that they could be worn with either the large or small studs to the front.

Unusually, the post was on the small ball which has to be fed through the back of your ear when the large ball is to the front.  I've been wearing them a lot since buying them and am very happy with them.

In total, I probably spent less than 15 euros on these items.  As I had little weight in my suitcase to facilitate my buying many things, nor did I have any spare money to spend on luxuries really, the holiday in itself being a luxury, I didn't treat myself too much.   I did treat Little Bird to a couple of inexpensive items, but that was all.  We're not huge shoppers when we go on holiday, as I've said in previous posts, (the US last year was a bit of an exception) much as I might like to be in a country known for it's high fashion and handbags.  Often a small item, that can be worn for years to come, is as good a souvenir from a holiday as one could possibly want or need with the added advantage that it doesn't need dusting.

Do you tend to treat yourself when you go away on holiday or spend money in the duty free shop in the airport/on the ferry?


  1. We tend to go on holiday on the motorbike and have a proper adventure so as we take panniers space is very restricted so impulse shopping doesn't feature - mind you I have amazed myself at my creative packing if I see a little something! lol!

    1. Wow, that definitely doesn't leave any room for any holiday purchases. Does sound very, you must be and expert at minimalist packing. Perhaps you could give me a few tips!!!!

    2. I meant to say that it sounds very exciting and adventurous but I must have deleted the words.

  2. I tend to buy a pottery bowl & have to wrap very carefully !
    When we are in Spain I'm very aware of the stylish women.