Saturday, 23 August 2014

Allotment Tales

I didn't post on my last visit to the allotment, firstly because I forgot to take my camera, and secondly, because there wasn't a whole lot going on.  I harvested some runner beans, a couple of cucumbers and a courgette and that was about it.  Nothing wildly exciting, but all free food that I'm grateful for.

I headed back there today, just over a week later, before we head off to Norfolk for a week.  My aim was to do another round of harvesting and watering.  I did intend to photograph the plot and anything interesting that was happening, but as soon as I tried to take a photo, I realised my batteries had worn out, so my plans were foiled once again.


I proceeded to harvest what was there, namely some more potatoes.  On account of having visitors, we'd used almost all of the potatoes I harvested a couple of months ago.  I don't think I've harvested them all, as there are still some are hidden beneath some nastursiums.   I'll get to them when they die off or I pull them up. The ones I did harvest included some whoppers though, that will come in very handy for baked potatoes this autumn.  A few others got forked again in the process. (I really should take another spade to the allotment).   I'll cut these up for wedges, mash or a lamb hot pot at some point.  The rest will go into the cloth potato bag in the cupboard, and we'll work our way through them in the coming months.

Just above the potatoes on the draining board you'll notice there are some small purple plums.  These were very kindly given to me by another allotment holder as I left and are lovely and ripe and very sweet to eat.  Next to those are a few spring onions that I also harvested and which will be coming to Norfolk with me for my salads.

There was lots more rhubarb which I did harvest in spite of still having lots in the fridge.  I'll keep this until we get back and I used the rest to make some mixed fruit crumbles tonight today, two of which I froze for when we get back and one I'm taking with us.  I'm mixed them with left over plums and some lovely frozen strawberries I got from the fruit farm a month ago.

There were a few runner beans which I blanched and froze and a couple of small cucumbers.  Not a huge haul, but there should be some sweetcorn ready when we get back and possibly some more strawberries as the plants were starting to fruit again.  There were even some very tiny sweet peppers, so I'm hoping a bit more sunshine will bring them along a bit and I'll be able to harvest some before the end of the season.

I did a bit of weeding and hoeing to tidy around a little, sowed a few late lettuce seeds and then watered before coming home.  Hopefully, on my next visit you might finally get some photos of the plot.

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