Friday, 1 August 2014

A is for ........................Apples

I was in a bit of a quandary about when to pick the apples from the tree in our garden this year.  I was tempted to harvest them before we went away, as they looked ready and it would have meant that I could have scheduled this post to be posted on time last week.  Then I thought that this was perhaps a silly idea, as they would just be sat in the fruit bowl ripening or possibly rotting if there were any blemishes on them.  I decided to leave them where they were and wait until I got back, so I'm a little late with this last post in Mum's Alphabet blogging challenge.  Sorry, Mum.

Once home, the apples were harvested.  Partly because, until I did a shop, there was no fruit in the house, so it was quite timely.  Unfortunately, many of them (there were only approximately 18 or so in total) had been infiltrated by a grub so these were cut up and unaffected parts made into tasty crumbles that were duly eaten with some stewed apple being put in the freezer for a second batch.  The ones that were untouched, approximately 7, were put in the fruit bowl to be eaten at leisure.

As a consequence, I found myself almost wishing I had in fact harvested them before we went away, but the results may have still been the same, who knows.  Regardless, it did give me a small sense of satisfaction that I had grown any edible ones at all.

Joining in with  Mum at Mum's Simply Living in blogging using the alphabet backwards.


  1. Interesting I'm on C in ABC Wednesday lol! Our apples are late this year.

    1. These are still a bit green and sharp so I'll probably let them mellow in the fruit bowl for a while before I eat them.

  2. We have apples on our small cordoned tree - I wonder if they're ready yet. Every year they seem to 'get' something but they look pretty good this year.
    Thank you for playing with me on these Alphabet posts. Enjoy your apples.
    Love from Mum

    1. Thank you. I've really enjoyed taking part.