Sunday, 28 January 2018

Make £2,018 in £2018

After reading a post on Money Saving Expert the other day, in which Martin Lewis was encouraging readers to earn/save an extra £2018 in 2018, I decided that I might give it a try and see how I get on. 

In my particular version of the challenge, I'm counting any money saving/earning measures that I might take this year and how much they actually save/earn me, so if I use a voucher on a normal shop or a specific necessary purchase, I'll include the saving that arose by using the voucher. 

Similarly, if I sell something on eBay, I'll include the financial gain after fees and postage have been taken into account.

It is my intention to post monthly with the results of my efforts to show my progress in this challenge, so here's my January post. (Despite the fact I only started the challenge on the 26th of the month).

1) I saved myself an annual credit card fee of £32 by cancelling my business credit card this month.

2) I saved myself £55 in bank charges for the year on my business account, when I closed it this month, as it's no longer financially viable to use it.

3) I sold a book on eBay that was a Christmas gift, but not quite what I expected and wasn't something that I wanted to keep. It earned me £4.27 after fees/postage deducted.

Total saved/earned this month - £91.27 - not a bad start.

In a more concerted effort to get on board with this challenge, I have listed a number of items on eBay, whilst there was an offer on to only pay fees when you sell. This saved me quite a bit of money in listing fees and as can be seen above one item did sell within a couple of days. Hopefully, more of the items I listed will sell in the next few weeks and I'll have some more money to add to next month's total.

Wish me luck with this one, as it might be a tricky one and if anyone else wants to join me, please feel free.