Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Finding the Right Frock

For the past couple of days I've been trying to find the right dress for LB to wear to attend a special event later this week.

Earlier in the year, she starred in the lead role in her school's production of Hairspray and as a consequence, won a special award for her efforts.

On Thursday, we are attending a special awards ceremony and it occurred to me that she didn't really have a suitable outfit to wear, so I decided to buy her a new frock for the occasion.

I wanted to get her one that would also double as an outfit for when we go out to dinner in the hotel we're staying at when my sister arrives.

On Sunday, I began the search by scouring the ASOS website, mainly because prices are reasonable and delivery is free.

I found a selection of dresses that LB thought were okay and went ahead and ordered them.  Luckily, I qualified for free next day delivery, so they arrived on Monday afternoon.

In the meantime, LB had been looking at dresses on H&M's website and found a couple that she liked.  I promised that I would go into the store and see if I could find them and if I liked them I might buy them.  (They were very inexpensive).

Monday afternoon, after doing my weekly shop, I stopped into a nearby branch and although I couldn't find the exact ones she wanted, I found a couple of dresses in the sale that I thought she'd like.  Each cost just £7.  I checked that I could return them if she didn't like them.

Later when she got home from school, she had a major trying on session. As luck would have it, (they were more expensive) all of the dresses from ASOS weren't really favoured by her, for one reason or another, save for one, which I actually quite liked for myself.

In the end, it was one of the £7 H&M dresses she opted for. It is similar to this dress, but in plain black and with slightly flouncier 3/4 sleeves.

It suits her, so she should look nice on the night. The second H&M dress, she didn't like. So, I now have one dress to return to H&M, and 4 to return to ASOS. The fifth ASOS dress I am keeping for myself and LB to potentially share, as I think it's really nice and it is the last one in the size we ordered.  An unexpected treat, but it can be worn in both winter and summer and adds a little colour and interest to my pretty boring wardrobe.

Here's a picture of it from the ASOS website. It's slightly longer on me, as this is from their tall range, so sits slightly longer on a short person like me.

It should also go very nicely with the ankle boots I bought from the same site last month.  Here's a picture of them.

The dress was £30 and the boots £41, although they have now annoyingly been reduced to £33 in the sale.  Never mind. I  may or may not wear these on the night, but I'll let you know how the evening goes.


  1. What an exciting evening. I hope it was fun. I'm not surprised you kept the second dress as it's gorgeous. I like the first too x

    1. Thanks, I'm looking forward to wearing it sometime.

  2. I really like both dresses.

    Congratulations to LB for the award, hope you both enjoy the ceremony.

    1. Thanks, she deserves it, as she put in so much hard work that term. I'm really pleased for her.