Saturday, 8 October 2016

Early Morning Ramble

It's 7.45 am on Sunday morning and I'm up and about which is unusual for me.  In the next few hours my sister will be travelling to the airport in Brisbane, to catch her flight to London. I'm really looking forward to seeing her, after not having done so for five years. I hope she has a comfortable flight.

As a consequence, I'm currently in the midst of cleaning the house from top to bottom.  I started with deep cleaning the kitchen.  Not such a good move, as it took me the whole of Saturday, leaving me just this afternoon (I'm at the gym this morning) and an hour or so tomorrow morning to cover the rest of the house.  I think I'll get everything done though, as it was only a month ago that I cleaned up for another visitor, so the house isn't too grimy at the moment.

I probably won't get around to tidying up the garden though, which is a pity, as the patio and front path could do with a sweep. I'll just have to see how I get on.

OH arranged for the chimneys to be swept this week, in time for the colder weather.  He just needs to get on the roof and clear some foliage that is affecting the draft of the wood burner, but he should hopefully get around to that today.

We've got a couple of things planned for my sister's visit, but I haven't gone too overboard, so we can be flexible to adapt to whatever she wants to do.

I may not get around to blogging much in the next couple of weeks as I want to enjoy the time I have with my sister, but will probably read posts, as and when I get the chance.

Have a good couple of weeks, I'll be back blogging towards the end of the month.


  1. I hope you and your sister have a wonderful time together xx

  2. Have a wonderful time with your sister.

  3. Enjoy the visit with your sister. You deserve some uninterrupted time together. We will be here when you return.

    God bless.