Monday, 3 October 2016

An Interesting Day

Today, has been interesting to say the least.

I was shocked when I got out with the dog this morning, at how cold it was.  It was almost glove wearing weather, which was a surprise.

When I got back from the dog walk I had to rush out to meet the Allotment site rep and see the plot I was being offered.

To be honest, I had a good idea which one it was going to be and I was in fact correct. (Looking through the fence,  I'd counted the plots around the site until I got to the number I was given)

It was actually bigger than I thought when I actually got inside to see it and looks pretty straight forward. There aren't too many onerous weeds to clear, so it will just be a case of pulling out the less onerous ones, digging it over and I'll be away.

It is situated next to the plot of a former fellow plot holder on my first allotment site over 10 years ago.  I still see her around in the neighbourhood and often stop for a chat.  I'm not sure what she'll think when she finds out I'm going to be on the next plot to hers, but it will be nice to know someone on the site.

I accepted the plot and when I got home I sent off a cheque for my membership and plot fees which was due, so that is now all sorted.  I now just need to do a few last minute bits of clearing on my plot before I hand over the keys and get the keys to the new site around the beginning of November.  It will be something to look forward to and keep me occupied when my sister returns to Australia.

I made it to the second of the two classes I usually attend on a Monday morning, and felt better for doing something, then headed off to do my weekly shop.

I had some vouchers to get £7 of a £70 shop at Tesco, but needn't have worried about not spending enough to qualify, as I spent over £100.  I got a few good deals though, especially on this Organic Wholegrain Spelt Pasta which was on offer for just 37p per 250g bag.

I bought 8 bags and contemplated buying more, but restrained myself. It should keep us going for a while. We'd eaten some the other night and it is really tasty, so I wasn't going to pass up on this offer.

I also bought a 2kg  bag of pudding rice for £3.  This will last an age. I've taken to making rice pudding every Monday night when I get a new carton of Cholesterol lowering milk and need to use up the remainder of my existing carton.  (I never use the whole carton in a week and you can't buy a smaller one).  It tastes just the same as normal rice pudding and I get more of the plant sterols into my system by using it up this way.

I also managed to get a couple of tubes of my favourite toothpaste which were reduced from £4 to £2.50. I use Corsodyl, as I find it has the most natural ingredients of all of the big brand toothpastes and works well at keeping my teeth and mouth healthy. Coincidentally, my sister uses it too, and her dentist swears by it for minimising plaque and insists on all her patients using it.

The cupboards, fruit bowl, fridge and freezer are now bulging with food, which is just as well, as I won't get the chance to do a proper food shop next Monday, until we get back from the hotel in Grantham, where we're going when my sister arrives to meet our other sister. I'll probably do a small shop when we get back to London on the Tuesday, so this should help us last until then save for a few fresh items.

Finally,  when I got home today, my online beauty products order had arrived.  I usually order some natural toiletries each month, from one online site or another, and this month it was the turn of My Pure, as I needed some new natural concealers.

In addition to these, I also bought some eye cream from Laidbare.  I'm currently using a moisturiser by this brand and am quite liking it, so I thought I'd try the eye cream too.  The only other items I paid for were two bars of natural soap by new to me brand Friendly.  These are very similar in price and appearance to Suma soaps, which I currently use.

The two Hurraw lip balms in the picture were free with my order, as it was over £30.  One is a sun protection balm and one a Lime lip balm.  I sometimes give these away as gifts, if I don't get around to using them myself.

An added bonus of ordering from My Pure was that I got 10% off my order, making it just over £28 for everything.  I know this sounds a lot for what I bought, but natural products are pretty expensive compared to some of the bigger beauty brands. I don't mind paying extra though and have now got used to the costs involved.

This order should take care of most of my beauty needs for this month.

The rest of my day involved shopping for an outfit for LB to attend a special event later this week. More about this in another post.

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  1. I think that's an excellent price for those things. The Hurraw! lipbalms are something I'd like to try, but I've not seen one in the flesh yet, plus the product I'm currently using is great value for money, I've had it for ages and there's still plenty left.

    Glad you finally have the plot sorted out.