Tuesday 18 June 2024

Garden Renovation Update - June 2024

I posted a few months ago about our current garden renovation project. We're trying to completely overhaul our garden this year, as it has deteriored markedly over the past few years, as a consequence of our neglect. Life just gets busy sometimes.

Here's the current view from the back door:

It's a jungle out there and the garden has been officially declared a building site:

Phase one of the renovation was preparing the end of the garden for the building of a garden room/shed. OH had done this very well and the dissembled garden room arrived on his birthday a few weeks ago. Due to us going away for the Bank Holiday weekend to attend a family wedding, nothing really got done with it, but since we returned, he has been carving out a bit of time here and there from being busy at work, to start to build the shed.

Here is how far he got a week ago:

He hadn't painted preservative on the front yet, but had started with the sides and back, as they are the less accessible parts. We can paint the front anytime. It's coming together well and fitted perfectly into the space with just a few inches to spare. The floor was the last bit to build. It's been very exciting seeing it go up. I can't wait until it's fully built.

The rest of the garden is just begging for attention. There's a table full of plants to put in, including the super pretty pink pelargonium I bought last week. There are some flowers here and there, such as this profusion of small pink geraniums in the border outside the back door. They come back year after year and the bees love them.

This Johnson's Blue geranium by the gate is also very pretty and has flowered well this year.

The cherry tree, which is now huge, has quite a few cherries on it, which should be ripe enough to pick soon. I've been picking and eating a few each day for the last few days and they are very tasty. Once all the fruit has been harvested, this tree is going to get a serious prune back, as it's got a bit out of hand in the last few years.

We will be losing one of our two raised beds once the garden room is built, as it will be a little too close to the doors and we want to make a space to sit out in the middle of the garden. In all honesty, we don't use both beds to their full potential due to having the allotment.

Just a little update here. Progress is being made, but things always look worse before they get better. I'll post again when the shed is finished and the garden is looking a bit tidier.

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  1. Bit by bit you will get the garden to the point that you want it. Love the fact that you both are working steadily on the remake.

    God bless.