Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Slow Progress

Since posting last, the Christmas cards got written and some sent, the food bank shop got done, a few more orders were posted out and a few more presents bought.  Why is it that there is always one thing on your list of gifts to buy, that has been specifically requested and that is impossible to find?

This year it is hazelnut flavoured Baileys.  None of the supermarkets seem to stock it.  I'm beginning to wonder if it was a limited edition that is no longer produced.  Does anyone know where you can purchase it? The only place I found it was on Amazon with £10 postage costs. It's getting too late now to order online, so a different flavour might have to be purchased, unless I get lucky.

I enjoyed doing the Food Bank shop today.  I managed to spend around the amount that I wanted to, to make up some of my regular donations which lapsed earlier in the year. I'm intending to makeup the rest of the lapse in the New Year. I did the shop at and donated via a local Tesco store and used a voucher I was sent by Tesco to get £6 off a £40 spend, which reduced the cost quite a bit. Apparently, they also donate another 30% on top of all donations, so I hope they do and that will swell the donation a little more. I was given free carrier bags at the till, but forgot to remove my trolley coin from the trolley I left the food in, so that was an unintended donation made.  I still have another one thankfully.

Most of my Christmas cards got sent off today.  I kept a couple back to put letters in or that I need addresses for.  There's always a couple. I need to make a couple of phone calls before I can send these off.

With regard to the laptop, I am as I write waiting for an engineer to arrive and replace the hard drive. Seems I may have lost all the photographs I so diligently organised the other month and as I removed them from my camera, all I have left of our holiday this year are on my blog.  I don't currently have anywhere to back them up to and can't remember if OH did it for me or not.  I need to try to hang onto the old hard drive to try to get them recovered.

As you can imagine, I'm not best pleased, as I really didn't expect the hard drive to go on a computer we've not had for more than a year and one which replaced one that nearly set our house on fire to boot.  Needless to say I'm not impressed.

The netbook I was using has also gone kaput.  I don't seem to be having much luck on the technology front recently.  I'm currently on OH's desk top whilst he is out walking the dog, so I am not spending much time online as a result.  Having said this, I'm quite enjoying the break and it should have the benefit of allowing me to get on with other things I need to do.

I do hope that we get the laptop resolved in time to go away though or we will have no computer to take with us and I don't think it will go down too well with LB.  On the other hand, it would make for a very relaxing Christmas.


  1. I hope you get your laptop up and running. I am waiting for our youngest son to get home to see if he can fix our desktop so that I can upload pictures from a camera. I get a registry error every time I try.

    Good thing I can take pictures with my tablet and email them to myself. That seems to be working so far.

    God bless.

    1. Well, not sure about that, the engineer didn't turn up and apparently logged that we'd postponed the appointment. OH is on the warpath. The last engineer refused to come again because we had a dog.