Friday, 2 March 2018

Buy Nothing New for Me Challenge in 2018 - February

I have to say that I'm not excelling in this challenge and finding it pretty difficult, which doesn't really surprise me.  I'm hoping that it is just teething troubles related to forming new habits, but maybe I'm spreading myself a little too thin, taking on too many challenges this year. In any case, it was a bit of a spur of the moment decision to do it at all and I maybe should have put more thought into it. Anyway, here goes.

This month, I did purchase the following new non-consumable items for me:

1) A sweater dress I saw on sale in ASDA for £9. In a moment of weakness, it was in my trolley and on it's way home with me. On the plus side, it will be useful for wearing to work over my jeans as I like long sweaters and tops, but did I really need it?

2) I also bought a rucksack from Lidl this week which at £8.99 seemed a steal and was a good size for work to fit my lunch, etc. in.

It did come in very handy yesterday, when I went to Tesco on foot to do a top up shop and they had no carrier bags at all.  I ended up giving my cloth reusable bag to another customer who would have otherwise struggled to get her shopping home and I managed to put all my shopping in it.

3) I also bought another new book for myself this month from eBay for £11.98.  After many years of trying, I've now finally managed to connect my Nectar account on eBay, so I now accrue points on any purchases, which is a plus.  I'd have to spend a lot of money to get any vouchers to spend though, so it's not that lucrative.

Once again, not a perfect record on this challenge, but I'm hoping that being on the challenge at least has the purpose of keeping me focussed on not spending too much unnecessarily. If it helps me to stay out of the shops and cut down my expenditure, then as far as I'm concerned that's a good thing and was the aim I had in mind when I decided to opt in.

Still hoping to do better next month!


  1. I am looking at what I choose to send, clothes and for the home, things I want rather than need. Putting the cost on a list does show if I am good or bad. I think I will have more than I expect, but the figures will be much lower than other people spend.

  2. Three items is not a bad start and you have already made good use of the rucksack. Cutting down is a good way to eventually get to cutting out altogether!

  3. Really not that bad of a start to your challenge. I am sure as time goes by you will improve.

    God bless.