Saturday, 29 April 2017

Saturday Morning Scare

It's 11.55am on Saturday morning and already what should have been a relaxing day, has left me feeling like a wreck.

OH disappeared into deepest darkest Kent at 7am this morning for a cycle ride with some members of his club.  This was fine, but for the fact that he wasn't around to dish out LB's pocket money and she was going out for the afternoon.  I managed to scrape together enough to keep her happy. (I rarely carry any cash, but had thrown some loose change into a jar over the last week or so).

The next problem was that the back door jammed and I couldn't get out into the garden or even let the dog out.  This was really annoying.  The lock sticks sometimes and I can't do anything with it.

I decided to take the dog out to vent my frustrations by way of a good walk.  We were having a lovely walk too, bar the sound of what sounded like a gun shot, until on entering a field, some youths started setting off fireworks in broad daylight.

Well, our little dog gets so scared of fireworks, and subsequently she made a run for it and would not stop.  I was terrified she'd run onto a road, so I headed off to check the main road nearby, whilst a very kind runner went in another direction toward the horse stables to see if he could see her.

There was no sign of her near the road thankfully, so I headed back towards the stables to be told by another dog walker that someone had found a dog there. After investigating further, the runner who had gone to look for her had indeed found her.  Then I couldn't find him for what seemed like ages and I was getting into a real panic.  Eventually, I found him and there she was in his arms.  I was sooooo relieved.  It made my morning grumbles pale into insignificance. It's funny how often you think you have problems, and then life creates a much more serious problem to take your mind off them.

Anyway, the police then arrived on the marshes, as someone had reported hearing the gun shot and they were looking for where it had been fired from.  I told them where I thought I'd heard it come from and about the fireworks and they drove off to investigate.

I'm now home and sat at the kitchen table typing this, trying to recuperate from the stress of the morning and wondering where to start on the things I need to do.  After posting on Thursday morning, nothing I intended actually got done, as I came back from my class and just felt completely exhausted and took myself off to bed for a couple of hours.  I didn't feel great the next day either, when I went back to the CS, but once I got there I was fine.

So, I guess I'd now better make a start and do some ironing, seeing as I can't get outside to potter in the garden, unless I climb out of a window that is, which I might do yet.

I'm hoping the weekend goes a little smoother from here on in. I hope your weekend is going well.


  1. Oh, I do hope your weekend goes a bit smoother. Poor puppy and poor you.

    God bless.

  2. What a horrible start to the day. I'm glad your dog was found safe and sound by a kind person.
    I think I would climb through the window to get to the garden having made a strong cup of tea.
    Our front door sticks after heavy rain and the lock sometimes sticks which drives me mad as sometimes I can't get out or back in. I've been known to kick the door !
    Hope you have a good bank holiday x

    1. I have to be honest, I was very tempted to take a lump hammer to it.

  3. Oh my goodness, poor you. So glad someone found her and you could be reunited.

    1. It put my morning into perspective I have to say. She's more important than anything else.

  4. What an awful morning going from bad to worse - hope you recovering now and your little dog - thank goodness for the runner.