Sunday, 2 April 2017

Donated - March 2017

Inspired by Thrift Deluxe's 'Decluttered' page on her blog nine to five. I've decided to start a new  series of monthly posts, detailing what I'm donating, throwing out or selling each month and why, as part of my challenge to declutter 1000 items from the house this year.

Starting from this month, I'll be giving a breakdown of what left or will be leaving the house.

So, for the month of March, the following things have left or will leave my home.

1. Little Book of Hygge - sold via eBay - I got this for Christmas, read it and don't really see what all this 'hygge' fuss is about.

2. One large ceramic bowl - taken to the tip as it was cracked. I had still been using it for a number of years on the kitchen countertop to hold food waste, but I'm now trying to keep visual clutter to a minimum, so it was time to go.

3-8. 1 pr of socks/2 prs pants/1 sweater/1 odd glove/bra (all washed) to rag bag for textile recycling due to holes/generally unfit to wear or donate.

9. One lightweight grey sweater to be donated - Not flattering - life's too short to not feel good in things.

10. One navy batwing sweatshirt (ethical).  It just looks awful on me and I can't see me ever wearing it. (I may sell this on eBay, as I've never worn it).

11& 12. Two packs of photograph corners that don't stick very well.

13. One small photo frame (Novelty - need I say more)

14. Overlocker that doesn't work and that I no longer use.

15-50. Baby wear/shoes/blankets, etc. - I felt inspired to go through my hoarded box of LB's baby wear  and found quite a few more things I felt happy to donate or repurpose. I think it helped having sorted my photos, as I knew I had lots of photos of her wearing or playing with some of the items, so I didn't feel the need to keep the actual physical items. (Over time, I'm finding it easier to let go of more and more of these things - #Progress).

51-52. One pair of cheap sunglasses and case - I have some prescription sunglasses and some vintage sunglasses and don't need a third pair that I will probably never wear.

53.One pair of mustard coloured leather gloves (from Primark) - Just what was I thinking when I bought these? I know I will never wear them again.

53-56. Two fabric collars and one pair of cuffs that I made myself - I will never wear these again either and still have the pattern should I wish to make them again.

57. One make up bag - surplus to requirements.

58. One bag of hair rollers, never used and unlikely to be.

59-60.Two winter coats that are rarely worn and unlikely to be in the future.

61. One thick sweater bought from a CS, but which I'm not keen on.

62. One vintage dress - Too small.  I've hung onto this for years because I liked the styleof it.  Now, my tastes have changed and it's time to let go because I can't even wear it, so what is the point keeping it.

63. One skirt - bought from the CS where I work last summer, but not my style.

64. One yoga top bought from the CS.  Not my style and looks awful on.  Why did I buy this? (I'm feeling a familiar theme running through some of these donations. Maybe it's a good thing that I've stopped buying things from the CS where I work, as many of them have turned out to be erroneous purchases)

65. One pair of mustard coloured trousers bought from ASOS sale for £9, to potentially wear for a wedding, but never worn - tags still attached. - Look awful on me and induce guilt every time I see them in the wardrobe.

66. One pair of shoe laces. (NEW)

67. One skirt of LB's, hardly worn and not likely to be.

68. 1 Pac a mac with very conspicuous print. No longer wear.

69-70. 2 bras.  Not worn much due to being the wrong size.

71-75.  4 packs of free seeds that I'm not likely to use.

76. 1 electronic baby game.

77. 1 waterproof valuables holder (I had two of these, so this was a duplicate)

78-79. 2 pairs of unused shoulder pads.

80-82. 3 children's books

83. 1 silicone garmin case - came with something I ordered online, but no use to me.

84. 1 book

As you can probably tell, I had another cull of my wardrobe this month, as I was getting summer clothes back out and trying on things I potentially wanted to take on holiday with me. It boosted the total anyway and made me feel a lot better about what is left.

This brings the total amount of things donated this month to 84.  When added to the previous total of 136 this year, the new current total of items donated in 2017 is 220. I'm still a bit off target, but hoping to make up ground at some point later in the year.


  1. Wow, you did very well with the donations this month.

    God bless.

  2. The things we keep! I could probably sit and write a similar list to this LOL interesting to see I am not alone in my purchasing mistakes - let me know if you discover the trick to not making the same mistakes over and over! I expect it keeps the Charity Shops well stocked

  3. Well done. I should do this too !