Friday, 26 August 2016

A Tiny Weeny Splurge at the CS

Tuesday, I was volunteering at the CS as usual, and having not been at the shop for a week, when I look around, I can usually find one or two items that take my fancy, although I don't always succumb to temptation and buy them.

On this occasion, however, I did purchase a couple of small inexpensive things, namely two books and a scented candle.

One of the books was the sequel to Me Before You by Jo Jo Moyes, called After You.  I recall Marlene from Poppy Patchwork commenting that it was worth reading, to find out what happens to one of the characters from the first book, so now I'll be able to do the same.

I also bought this small thin book by Hunter S Thompson, an American writer who someone recommended to me a while ago.  I'm not sure if I'll enjoy his writing, so starting with a small thin book should give me some idea whether his style is compatible with my reading tastes.  I'll let you know.

There's currently a book sale on in the CS, so all books are half price and these two cost 50p each or thereabouts.

The candle I bought was this rose scented one from WoodWick. At £3.49, I was happy to bring this home for a bit of a floral smelling self- indulgence.  I haven't had a candle burning for a few months now, and this one has a beautiful scent, so I'll look forward to using this as the nights start to get a little colder this autumn.

I also incurred some postage costs on the same day, as I finally got around to listing some items on eBay for my small business, sold one and had to post it off.  I really needed to get moving on this front again, as I hadn't listed or sold anything for quite a while now, and everything had ground to a halt.

With Christmas, my busiest eBaying period now on the horizon, getting back into the habit of selling is definitely very useful in order to build momentum.  I've also started preparing stock for the lead in to Christmas in the past week, which is also much needed progress.

Some of the profits made this year will be going towards our new kitchen extension, so the more I can sell the better.  It does help to have a goal to help motivate me on this front.  I'll keep you posted on this years progress as it happens.


  1. Enjoy the book, it's a good read, and helps answers some of the questions left after reading Me before you.

    1. I started it this morning Marlene and am already hooked into reading it. Thanks for the tip.