Saturday, 31 October 2015

Wedding Weekend

We had a lovely time at the family wedding this weekend.  We headed up to Yorkshire on Wednesday and spent the night and next day with OH's nephew and his family.  There was a lovely Halloween party for the children awaiting us when we got there with Apple Bobbing, Spin the Bottle, Who am I? and other activities, which the children really enjoyed.

The following day we managed a look around Ilkley and I checked out Otley too, whilst LB went to watch a theatre production with the children and OH went on a bike ride, both places were new to me, which made it interesting.  I do admit to buying a few bits in Oxfam, which was a bit naughty, but not a great expense.

On Thursday afternoon, we headed to our hotel for the wedding the following day. We had a nice but very inexpensive hotel room, I didn't take any photos to put on the blog, nor did I of the wedding, as it was a private family affair, but we were treated to a vintage bus ride to the wedding and then on to the reception.  There followed lots of food, drink and dancing and a very enjoyable time was had by all.

The next day (Saturday) after breakfast, we all headed off in our different directions.  In our case back to London, as it was Halloween and LB was meeting up with her friends to go out Trick or Treating and have a Halloween sleepover. She hates to miss it.

Back in London, and for OH and me it was lovely just relax for the evening in our own home, (me watching Strictly of course) punctuated only by a few spooky visitors.  I'd bought some sweets just in case to hand out to any creepy callers.

I'm looking forward to November.  No more Stoptober and Christmas on the not too distant horizon.

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