Thursday, 1 October 2015


As I've decided not to buy any more inessentials for the rest of this year, I have once again opted to take part in a Stoptober spending ban challenge.  I will be trying not to spend any money this month, except on essential groceries, toiletries and household products.

I can't think of any extra expenses I have this month, although I do have a few birthdays to send cards for, which I have already purchased, and one birthday that I have already bought a present for.  Other than these, I don't really have any other predicted expenditure (save postage), that I can think of, unless one of LB's friends has a birthday party that falls within the month.

Talking of birthdays, my birthday falls during October, so anything I might want for myself, I can request as a birthday gift, which I have already done in respect of one item (more in a later post), making it seem like a good month to do this challenge. (I think I used this reasoning last year too)

In addition, with Christmas getting nearer, it is as good a time as any to keep a tight rein on the purse strings, so that I have some money to spend on presents when I do get around to buying them.  I have already bought some, for some members of the family, but still need to buy a few more including LB's and OH's main presents, so saving money now will definitely help on this front.

I'm looking forward to the challenge of Stoptober, as due to the fact that I no longer had any debts to pay off in 2015, I stopped keeping tabs on my spending for most of this year and it will be good discipline to rein myself in and get back into more frugal habits.  I feel like I've almost taken a year off from being frugal and need to get back to it.

One of the aims I had this year, of creating some savings, just did not materialise due to the many changes I made this year to my wardrobe, diet, beauty etc.  Instead, spare money got spent in these areas instead of being saved. This aim will, however, definitely be carried over into next year, when I hope to set about it in an altogether more serious and focused way and joining in with Stoptober will hopefully get me in the zone a little better.

I'm not doing anything out of the ordinary for Stoptober, but I will be starting the month off as I usually do, by making a monthly menu plan, which always helps with keeping the grocery shopping as minimal as possible. I do also have several vouchers for use in a couple of the supermarkets too, so I will be doing some of my shopping in these stores, to take advantage of these. There will also be the last few harvests from the allotment (mainly courgettes, chillis, spring onions plus a few turnips) and the last of the tomatoes which I have taken off the plants as they have become blighted, to help save a little money.  Otherwise, it's business as normal, but without the any additional spending.

Anyone else participating in a Stoptober challenge or fancy joining me?


  1. After a spendy last month (holidays seem to do that) I am tightening the belt this month. Hoping to have at least 20 days or more where no money leaves our bank account. The other days where it does, will be things such as bills and necessary groceries.

    God bless.

    1. Good luck with your belt tightening.