Saturday, 12 September 2015

Going to the Baseball

As well as the visiting the usual tourist destinations when we go away, we often like to do something that local people might do, so on this visit to the US, we decided to take in a baseball game.

OH has wanted to go to a game for a long time now, and he gets obsessed with Little League baseball on TV whenever we go to the states (that's the kids' league competition), so it was his suggestion. After checking out local baseball teams, we travelled 2 hours north to Tampa, Florida one evening, to catch an adult league game, where the Tampa Bay Rays were playing the Minnesota Twins.

The  tickets weren't very expensive, just $20 (£13) each, I think cheaper ones were available.  For this we got an evenings worth of good family entertainment.  The game started at about 7pm and was played by individual innings with intervals in between with a bit of entertainment thrown in with a roaming camera picking out members of the audience.

As we hadn't eaten, we bought hot dogs, nachos and drinks and sat down to enjoy the game. (Had to be done) Although I was initially reluctant to go, I found that I really enjoyed it. It was a lovely evening out and the atmosphere was happy and friendly.  I would definitely recommend anyone to take in a game if they got the the chance.

OH treated himself to a t-shirt from the shop, which he and LB can share and both wear. We had to leave before the end of the game though, as we had a two hour drive back and didn't want to get caught up in leaving traffic, but we listened to the end of the game on the radio on the way home.

We had a super time and would definitely do it again.  In fact, OH managed to catch another minor league game near Palm Beach, as our hotel was right next to the stadium.

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