Tuesday, 29 September 2015

A Morning Surprise

The dog and I had a nice surprise on our dog walk the other morning. Heading onto the marsh we usually visit on at least one walk per week, we were met by this sight, on what is usually an open grassy field.

I have to admit that it wasn't a total surprise, as it happens every year, probably around the same time, but I just wasn't expecting it on this particular day.  I probably should have guessed, when I saw various groups of primary school children in wellies, being herded (no pun intended) in the general direction.

Yes, the countryside had come to the city, it was the Countryside Live event.

I wandered around the perimeter fencing, keeping the dog on the lead, as I wasn't convinced she couldn't squeeze under the fence, get inside and do her best to mortally embarrass me.

There was the good old Sheep Show going on and I could hear the shouts and squeals of the children.

These ducks were waiting for the sheep to vacate the stage, so that they could have their 15 minutes of fame.  There were foxhounds, miniature ponies and various other animals I couldn't quite make out, as I could only see their backsides in their pens.

In the centre, there was a bird of prey demonstration going on and the demonstator was asking the children lots of questions and talking about the birds and their habits.

I attended this show with LB and OH probably 4-5 years ago now and each time it comes, I always want to go again, but sadly no-one wants to accompany me.  I have fond memories of attempting some wicker weaving. In fact, I still have the fish that LB made, (it was better than mine) when we went.  I can't bring myself to throw it away.  Here's a picture of it on the shelf in my sewing room, it was one of the things that I rescued from LB's bedroom cull this year.

It's a great event, and wonderful that inner city children, living in such an urban setting, can get to see something of the countryside. So here's to the organisers, for bringing the countryside to town.


  1. What a wonderful event & lovely fish x

    1. It is a lovely idea as I'm sure there are some children that might otherwise not get to see these animals in the flesh so to speak.