Friday, 26 September 2014

Cupboard Filling Delivery

Yesterday, my latest Approved Food order arrived.  I had virtually emptied the overflow cupboard of things that had been hanging around for ages.  Here's what was left.

To the left are things left over from last Christmas and bits I've collected for next Christmas that I intend to use this December.  To the right are the remaining things that need using up.  Some more longstanding than others.  Much of what is left I use pretty regularly and especially so during the winter months, i.e. casserole mixes, dumpling mix, pastry mix, tortillas for fajitas.  These will be used up pretty quickly, so really there isn't much else left save some green lasagne sheets, chicken stock cubes and chicken gravy tubes, which I'll get around to using eventually.

I've recently become much more careful with regard to what I buy from AF.  I used to buy lots of things that I'd never had before to try them out, but I found that by doing this some things got wasted as no one liked them and as I hate waste I didn't like this, so I now stick to tried and tested things that will definitely get used.

The main part of the order was as in this photograph.

Lots of store cupboard items.  Chick peas, tortillas, Peshwari naan breads, a case of crumble mix, a case of Panna Cotta mix, a case of buttered, sliced Soreen, several cakes, Beef bourguignon mixes, icing sugar, gingerbread mixes, small packets of raisins, teabags, olives, Tikka Masala sauces, etc.  All pretty normal stuff, but at the usual great prices.  I decided this order to buy some skimmed milk powder.  Mainly because now I don't have the milkman delivering my milk, I often seem to find myself without any milk for a cup of tea or coffee (like this morning!).  Skinned milk powder wouldn't be my first choice, but I'm happy to be able to use it, as opposed to having nothing.  It might also come in useful for the odd recipe.

I bought a few bits and pieces for the Food Bank.  I really need to get an order together for September/October (I've taken to taking an order every two months now). I still spend the same amount of money each month, but just deliver every two.  As I haven't had much spare cash this September, I haven't really been collecting things together for them.

There were a few household items in the order.  The Surf cost 50p when you spent over £25, so I took advantage of this.  The kitchen roll is for Christmas, it's got these cute reindeer on it.  How could I resist?

So sweet and for 99p I treated us.  Little Bird loves this sort of thing and always nags me to buy these in the supermarket, but I usually don't succumb as they tend to be overpriced.  I also got some BB cream.  I've used this brand before but in a darker shade, so I'm trying a lighter one for the winter when my skin has less colour.

There were a few treats that I didn't photograph.  Mainly low fat crisps and rice snacks for myself and Little Bird plus a few small chocolate bars (i.e. treatsize Milky Ways and Chomps) for when nothing but chocolate will do.

Plenty there to keep us going.  Needless to say, once the Approved Food order had been put away, the overflow cupboard was looking decidedly full up again, but hopefully this time with things that won't linger so long.


  1. I can't believe it's that time of year already when reindeer kitchen roll hits the shops! Where did 2014 go??

    1. It wasn't strictly speaking in the shops, but the tins of chocolates are already on the shelves in the supermarkets. You're right, time does seem to have gone incredibly quickly this year.

  2. I like the idea of an overflow cupboard !

    1. Well, it's a shelf if I'm honest. Just somewhere to put the bargain bulk buys when I manage to find them.