Sunday, 9 July 2017

Sunday Catch Up

It's been an intense week and today has been the first real chance I've had to reflect and keep you updated on all that's happened this week.

I attended the new shop on Wednesday to do some last minute paperwork regarding taking up my new position as Temporary Deputy Manager, and was told that I could start straight away if I wished.  As I was already there, I thought, why not?  I spent the afternoon throwing myself into a task given to me by the manager to change some displays around.  In a way it was a good thing as it took the edge off starting the new job.

I agreed to complete my hours that week by working the Thursday afternoon, then full days on Friday and Saturday.  In total, this meant that one or other CS was honoured with my presence on five days last week (albeit most of it paid).  Hence, why it was intense.

The manager left me to close the shop on Thursday afternoon and I was left in charge on Friday on his day off, so it was a bit of a baptism of fire.  I survived to tell the tale though, but by Saturday evening I was completely shattered. All I could do was to walk to the pub with OH and the dog and have a beer.

As a consequence, I didn't do my normal class at the gym today, instead I decided to take it easy, do some grocery shopping, come home and potter about my house, catching up with jobs (particularly ironing) and just enjoy being at home for the day.  It was lovely. Going out to work has given me a whole new appreciation of my home. Flylady has, of course, taken a back seat, but I'm hoping to catch up on the days I'm not working this week.

Thankfully, I'll be working just my three full days this week and I will be relieved to get into a proper routine at last, although my working days will vary from week to week. I start back on Tuesday.

It seems to be going okay, although I don't like to say too much, as it is very early days. I have to admit that I was pretty overwhelmed for the first couple of days, but by Friday, I was starting to get a handle on things and decided I had to get over any doubts and fears and just get on and do the best job I could.

I managed to travel to and from the shop by bus most days, which saved me money and meant that at least I could get a seat and sit down for the duration.  Mid week mornings are the hardest, as the buses get packed and stop at every stop on route, so take much longer.  I cycled half the way on Friday and caught the bus further along the route, but had to stand right at the front with the driver until a seat became available a few stops later.

This week, during the week I'm going to try to cycle even further along the route, to a place where lots of people get off the bus and see if that's any better.  Most of the way is on cycle routes and small quiet roads, which isn't too bad. The cycle home is tough after a busy day, but I'm sure I'll build up my stamina and get used to it in time.  It really is the best option available, to avoid being like a sardine on the trains/tube and to provide me with the quickest, cheapest journey and the most autonomy.

On Saturday mornings, however, the bus takes no time at all, as the streets of London are virtually empty before 11am. I got to work in just 30 minutes, as opposed to nearer an hour or more on weekdays. It makes working weekends seem much more appealing than during the week.

The travel is still a learning curve, but I've got choices, which makes it more bearable. I'll keep you posted with regard to progress in the job as time goes on.


  1. Such a shame it takes such a long time to get to work. I just have to walk down the road! At least you've had a taste of what's to come. You'll soon be in the swing of things.

    1. Yes, I agree, but I don't mind for a few months, as it's a new experience for me commuting in the centre of London for a paid job.

      It seemed like and is quite an interesting opportunity, that would have been difficult to turn down.

  2. I find my commute tiresome but luckily, where I live now, I almost always get a seat on the first train and I always geta seat on the 2nd train!